Instead of looking to God- they look to you.

What happens when you become the object of someone’s idolatry?

makes me wanna hide

I was talking to my husband one day over the phone while he was at work and I was out shopping, and I suddenly became so aggravated because I started telling him about how much I detest it when people idolize me instead of looking to God. Let me give you a little bit of the story. Yes, we do lead worship at church sometimes and probably had the most God-filled relationship around but still. I have found that people often look to me so much- it get so TIRING. Let me not get started about how people would call me the next day if they noticed me walking out of church early because I was exhausted due to the period of transition we went through recently (moving to a bigger home) etc. I appreciate people wanting to make me feel welcome but I hate, yes I HATE it when they look to me instead of God. IT BREAKS MY HEART WHEN PEOPLE STEAL HIS GLORY AND USE ME IN THE PROCESS. Why do you make me the object of your idolatry? I didn’t ask for this when I humbled myself and allowed God to lift me to what He chose appropriate in this season of my life. While I think it’s beautiful to recognize the hand of God in the lives of His chosen ones, please don’t idolize me. It exhausts me, makes me angry, and causes me to wanna hide- like I did one night when we had food after the service at church. I hid in the dark, empty sanctuary and my husband asked, “What are you doing here?” He so gets me.

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