The Higher Life.

I used to think that the higher life- a life lived in the presence and power of God on a daily basis was so unattainable, though I often felt the voice of God calling me on this road less taken of dying to self and living a life of humility. Today, as I meditate on the reality of the power of God, I would like to assure you, seeking soul; that this life is for you! It is meant for everyone who chooses to humble himself/herself and to make God the very desire of their existence. It is possible to walk in the power of God and to experience His hand at work in the same ways that you find on the pages of the Bible! It is also possible to be set free from all your fears and to have all your chains broken! Yes, it is possible to live the promises of God in your own life and to live your life not in the shadowy valleys but on the highest mountaintops. It is not possible in our own strength but only through His strength. God wants to invade our lives but in order for that to happen we need to get out of the way and let Him be all. Only the soul that bows to the very dust can experience everything God is.