My name is Estera Marian,

I was born in Romania and moved from there to the US in 2004 where I resided for 10 years (in Springfield, MO). I currently live in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA, together with my beloved husband, Raul. I created this blog because I couldn’t help but share God with others. He is the One who gave me hope, LIFE, and freedom! I dedicate my blog with the deepest of gratitude to the Creator, Savior, and Lover of my soul. I am NOTHING without Him! HE IS EVERYTHING. My prayer is that what you find here will serve as a source of inspiration, truth, and encouragement as you journey on the path less taken. It has been such a breathtaking journey for me of walking hand in hand with the Lover of my soul and it is my privilege to share the hidden pearls I have been entrusted as God has been refining me and teaching me what it means to truly follow Him. He desires to set us free from the burden of self and to give us His yoke that is easy and light- to crown us with a life of surrender, obedience, humility, and highest fulfillment. Join me as we discover the unspeakable beauty of a life lived through the eyes of Christ!