A moment of stillness (1).

A Moment of Stillness devotional

Take a moment to be still for the next 100 days as you meditate on a Bible verse and read a refreshing insight on it!

God sees us when no one does.

For the Lord saw that the affliction of Israel was very bitter for both slaves and free people. There was no one to help Israel. 2 Kings 14:26 CSB

Throughout Israel’s tumultuous history, God was always there, watching. There were times when He had to discipline them but He never abandoned them. His intention was not to destroy them but He was jealous for a people that were wholly His so He allowed them to go through times of suffering. God had regard for both slaves and free people because they were equal to Him. He doesn’t look at people the way we do. When no one was there to help them, He came through for them. Don’t we often feel just like the Israelites did when no one seems to be aware of our lives? Of the struggle that has become a daily reality. Of the bitterness of our circumstances. Of the crushing feeling of defeat. God is not just aware but He always does something about it. His nature is to deliver and restore. How often has God seen my affliction when life seemed to crumble beneath me without no one knowing! He sees your hopelessness and for the sake of His compassion He will move on your behalf! Take a moment to be still today.

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