A moment of stillness (20).

His eye is on the sparrow. But God was watching over the Jewish elders. These men wouldn’t stop them until a report was sent to Darius, so that they could receive written instructions about this matter. Ezra 5:5 As soon as the Jewish people started rebuilding the temple, they met fierce opposition from their enemies….

A moment of stillness (1).

God sees us when no one does. For the Lord saw that the affliction of Israel was very bitter for both slaves and free people. There was no one to help Israel. 2 Kings 14:26 CSB Throughout Israel’s tumultuous history, God was always there, watching. There were times when He had to discipline them but He never abandoned…

A different kind of heart.

What made David pleasing to God? Lately, I’ve been experiencing many circumstances that seriously try my faith. During times like these I usually turn to the Psalms, but to my discouragement, this time around my heart felt so distant from the joyful cries of David as he acknowledges God as his strength or his deliverance….


Set free from the burden of self. There is a freedom that such few have experienced. It is the freedom of no longer living for yourself. Most people carry the heavy burden of self and miss out on the most beautiful existence possible. God never intended for us to live enslaved to our feelings, our…