When everything is taken away.

Surprised by God’s all-sufficient presence.

I know these times have been tough for all of us. For some, the globally-spread virus has taken the life of souls you knew or dearly loved and the emptiness left behind feels unbearable. For others, maybe it means the loss of a job or the lack of the certainty of daily life as normal. How has this crisis impacted you? In my own life, these times are finding me in the middle of a great transition. You see, before the virus disrupted everything, I somehow miraculously managed to sell our house in the hopes of moving back overseas so I could be closer to family. Me and my husband’s plans have been abruptly put on hold. As I’m writing this, I am looking over an empty living room as we have already sold many possessions but this is not the whole story. In the past 5 years, I’ve been so busy working full-time and building a life together with my husband. Recently, I have had to let go of my job and the thought of it initially devastated me. God has been refining me through some hard circumstances in the workplace and I got to a place where I had to let go of my position. It was the last thing I wanted to do. I felt robbed of my job and the weight of being mistreated threatened to cast a dark shadow over my entire existence. What happened next took me by surprise and it is the very reason I couldn’t help but be transparent with you about such personal things. As I started living my life under a new set of circumstances surrounded by uncertainty which could’ve caused me great anxiety, I simply felt carried. There is no other way I know to put it. When the barrenness of my life was so real, the invisible hand of God became more tangible than ever! The hurt of my experiences lifted instantly and I was surrounded by a peace I can’t explain. My days alone at home while my husband went to work became like a ray of light to my weary soul. My sleep was never interrupted and there was a renewed hope and joy that I was so amazed to find! I thought I would be shattered in the aftermath of everything but God manifested His presence in a way I could feel beyond a shadow of a doubt. I have discovered yet again that when everything is stripped away He is enough! I don’t know how the present worldwide circumstances have affected you but please take heart today! Everything has a purpose because there is an Unseen yet Ever So Present Hand that never loses control over us. Even when we feel that we have lost control. Especially then. We have nothing to fear!

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