Take time to quiet your soul.

Silence is the place where we hear God’s voice.

Yes, silence is an actual place where we choose to go in order to communicate with our Creator. A person who never takes time to travel to this forgotten destination (overlooked by so many people) is one whose heart is never at peace. Quietness is extremely important for your soul. While it seems so impossible for someone to sit quietly in the world we live in today, this task is fairly easy; we practically don’t have to do anything. Why is it so hard to do it then? It’s really disappointing to accept the fact that we’ve completely forgotten one of the most important disciplines that shapes our lives in ways we cannot even imagine. It is in quietness that you hear God speak to you so tenderly and clearly. God expects us to learn how to seek His presence in such a manner. He always waits to meet our hearts in the the deep silence of our soul. Please don’t take nature and everything around you for granted. Take time to look at the beautiful, blue sky and smile. Quietly, study the flowers, the birds, the people around you for we are all so beautifully made. Take time to breathe in the sweet aroma of the air who is so freely given in order for you to sustain life. Let your heart take refuge in the quiet arms of The Loving Father who will never cease to adore you. Your heart matters to Him, that’s why He made all these wonderful creations for you to enjoy. He delights in you and seeks you with a passion no one will ever comprehend. Don’t leave him waiting for you. Next time you find yourself buried in the fast pace of your life, make sure you slow down, bow your knees, and talk to the One whose arms are the safest and truest refuge. Give Him a chance. You will never regret letting God quiet you.

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