God is in control!

You hold my world in the palm of your hand.

Today was a day filled with God’s presence. I know He is always with me, holding my hand through this world and never letting go. Today, however; was a day in which I saw God in my life like never before. He showed me that He is in control of everything and that He will always make everything turn out okay in the end. Even if things do go wrong, there definitely is a time when salvation comes! God does answer prayer, even if at times it seems to take longer than usual. He is always listening, always watching, always loving. My God is alive, He proves that to me every moment of my life. With every breath that I take, I feel the reality of His faithfulness all around me. I am so happy to have God as my refuge, my strength, and my hope! I am constantly learning what it means to leave things in God’s hands. Trusting God with my life does not mean that everything will go perfect, it rather means that He will never let me fall. Even when life is hard; He is in control! Believing in Him fills my heart with a peace that nothing can take away from me. His quiet, still voice that is whispered inside my heart brings strength to my soul and life to the deepest parts of my being. Praise God for being so good!

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  1. Sindy Joya says:

    Yes, He is in control! =)

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