They focus on the here and now.

This world is lonely and cold.


Why do people focus more on temporary instead of focusing on eternal? Why do they live a life of emptiness? Why do they lie to themselves by thinking that they are fulfilled when they clearly know they are not? I look around and all I see are shadows that get lost in the darkness of this world. I am surrounded by people who have no idea what their purpose is in this life. People wear a mask which says, “everything is okay..really” when they know so well it’s not. Do they even stop to think that they are lying to themselves or are they too blind to even realize the fact that they are? I see people who still wonder how they came about or if they really evolved from a monkey. This world is full of people that are in denial of the truth because they think that believing in something that might not be true is just not worth it. They say that they choose not to believe, but have they stopped to think that by not believing that there is a God; they actually believe in something that might not be true? Is it just easier to live for yourself thinking that your life comes to a stop when you close your eyes to never open them again? I think it is. What this world fails to admit is the truth that life does not end when your body hits the grave, but it is rather then when it begins. When we close our mortal eyes, we automatically open the eyes of our soul; which are eternal. Your life does never end. Let me put it this way, your soul is made to live forever. One day, you will open your eyes in eternity and will realize that your life was the only chance you had in order to choose where your soul is going to live forever. There are only two choices, and I’m sure you know very well what they are. Tomorrow is not yours, so live today carefully. You have a choice; choose wisely. Your eternity depends on it!

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  1. That Girl says:

    What a beautiful, thoughtful post. My heart is moved. Thank you.

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