New year, old you?

 Trust in God’s plan for you this year.

Think of all the new years you’ve had in your life. Years seem to come to an end so fast. One year ends, another one begins, and we find ourselves getting caught up in this cycle. For some people, making resolutions for the new year is a good enough way to start off right. For others, the new year is new only for its first day and after that, everything goes back to normal. I don’t know what kind of person you are, but I’m the type of person who likes to make resolutions, but tends to forget them too easily. So, I assume I’m an odd combination of the two. There’s something about the routine of our lives that seems to steal our excitement and pushes us back into what we call, well, “just life.” The way we’ve always known our existence, watching our days fly by and our years vanish in the wind. We’re only left with our memories. Echoes of what we used to know. Well, this year, I plan on getting closer to God. I plan on knowing Him in new and beautiful ways. I plan on living in confidence, fully trusting God’s plan for my life. I plan on thinking of this year as “new” every day of it because I know my God’s love for me is new every morning. I won’t let the things of my past steal the joy of my present and destroy the hope of my future. When I say past, I’m not just talking about last year or many years ago. Yesterday is part of the past. This morning has “past” written all over it. A second ago, my past was unfolding. If it’s not happening right now or it hasn’t happened yet; then it’s part of the past. That’s where I want to leave it. Today, I’m going to live out what I planned; basking in the light of God’s presence upon my life. Today is the day to begin walking with God! I can just imagine the amazing things God has in store for me this year. Tomorrow will be a new and glorious day! I know every day of this year has God’s imprint on it. That, to me, is enough. I’m trusting in God’s love and faithfulness with all of my heart. I will seek His presence through prayer. Read His Word. Surrender my heart to His will. This year will bring answers to my prayers, light in the places of my life that are in need of warmth and clarity; it will bring beauty, freedom, and happiness. Isn’t happiness the one thing everyone is searching for? Believe in God’s plan for you this year! True happiness can only be found in God. I wonder what God is up to in your life this year. Let me assure you that He prepared for you moments that will take your breath away. All you have to do is be there to live them. Absorb them. Drink them in. I pray your heart will be full of faith and trust in God this year! Stop trying to live life on your own terms, allow God to take you places you’ve never even dreamed of!  This year, search for Him with all your heart and you will find Him. Did you know He actually desires to come into your life and make everything new? He doesn’t just want to give you a new year, He also wants to give you a new heart. New purpose, new life. What does God ask from you in return? Trust. Choose Him as your guide! A new beginning awaits you.

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