Why am I a Christian?

The secret behind the name.

I’ve been thinking about my motivation for being a Christian. We don’t really ponder that as often as we should. Am I right? I mean, yes, we made the choice of becoming a Christian at some point in our lives. But why did we do it? And why do we still live according to that choice? Please take a moment to ask yourself this question. Why do I choose God as my guide instead of living my life on my own terms? That’s if you try to let God be in control of your life, of course. If you don’t, why don’t you? I want to challenge you to analyze your motivation behind choosing God. I mean, what keeps us from not choosing Him anymore, if there was a time when we did choose Him? Do we really want to call ourselves Christians, or do we do it because we think it’s expected of us to embrace that title? What’s in it for us? Is there something that’s keeping us still interested in being called a Christian? I know I’m throwing a lot of questions your way, but I’m doing that because I really want you to understand my point. You know, there are so many doctrines and beliefs out there today. It would be really easy for anyone to go after what seems to be the most appealing to them and completely overlook Christianity. So many people do that. Sometimes, even if a certain person used to be called a Christian, he/she ends up choosing something different along the way. We live in a very individualistic world. Everyone likes to do their own “thing.” Most people live the way they think it’s right for them because they simply…have a choice. So, why are you a Christian? What is it about it that draws your heart and keeps you from heading a different direction? I know why I am a Christian, and let me tell you why being one still captures my heart today. It’s so much more than carrying a name! My life revolves around it and my world is different because I am called a “Christian.” It’s no small matter! I can strongly state that my life wouldn’t be the same if I weren’t a Christian. It goes beyond the name to actually experiencing what it means to have Christ in your life. This is deep, as deep as the very fiber of my being! I couldn’t live my life without God! I couldn’t wake up in the morning without knowing that He will be there when I wake up and will offer to hold my hand one more day. I couldn’t go on with my day without the strength that He gives to my body and soul. I couldn’t lay my head on the pillow and be able to sleep at night without His peace that surrounds me and gives me comfort. God has been there for me during the toughest moments of my life, holding me close and carrying me through! He never let go! He is my help when I am completely alone and desperately in need. He is my refuge when I have nowhere to run. He is my shelter when everything around me is crumbling. He is my joy in the midst of grief and my light in the midst of darkness. He is my peace when there is nothing but chaos. He is my hope when all seems lost! I have come to know God as my God. My Sustainer. My Deliverer. My Provider. My triumph. Nothing in this world could take the place God occupies in my life! Nothing could satisfy my deepest longings the way He does. No one has the power to restore, to change, to renew the way God does! No one even comes close!! This is why I choose God over everything else. He has captured my heart in ways that only He can. He is real, powerful, and actively involved in every single detail of my life. Don’t you want to know God in such an intimate way?

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  1. thank you, estera. i don’t ‘call’ myself ‘christian any more. not because of ‘him’, but because of what i’ve experienced in religion.

    i am lving in relationship with him, though. I have been for most of my life & not because of me, mostly because of who he is & what he chose. it still astounds me that he would choose to share my life.

    i have some trust issues.

    i shouldn’t, as he has shown himself as trustworthy, over and over again.

    i apreciate your blog & words & thoughts.

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