His grace is enough!

How could we forget?


God’s grace is bigger than the vast blue sky on whose surface dance colorful birds full of life and energy. It outnumbers the grains of sand that fill the shore with shimmer and warmth on summer days. It is more captivating than the most glorious sunset you’ll ever see in your entire lifetime. God’s grace is so much more marvelous than any of these things! And it’s because of His grace that He created them for us because He hoped that we would find Him in the bird’s song or in the way trees undulate in the wind. His desire was that we would enjoy them to the fullest and give all the glory to Him. God placed us in a universe filled with life and song, a universe that dances with wonder in the presence of such a gracious God. He made it all for us! That’s how much our gracious Father loves us! But His grace doesn’t stop here. He didn’t just give us a breathtaking world to live in; He chose to become human and to live among us. The God that created everything out of nothing chose to leave heaven and to come and dwell among us. A most Holy God among such lost sinners! Wow. Yet His grace didn’t stop there. After living among us and demonstrating His love everywhere He went, He died for us! Have you ever really grasped what that means? He loved us enough to die for us! He did all this because He wanted us to be close to Him and to know Him. He longs for us! How blessed we are to be able to have a relationship with the God of the universe! Do we even understand what this means? Do we treasure this gift or do we just take it for granted, not even considering what it truly means? How do we respond to the One who has been pursuing us with such a passion before the beginning of time? Do you know this God who breathes out stars and whose voice created the heavens? The God that will never fail you nor forsake you? The God that really is in control of your life and will never let go? The God who loved you before you were born and who knit you together in your mother’s womb? This God is real and He is so amazing!!! My desire is that you have not forgotten how much He loves you! I want to remind you that His grace is more than enough! In those moments when it feels like your world is falling apart, please take heart! He holds your hand even through fire. He is with you even when the night is long and you feel like the morning will never come! We have so much hope in God! No matter what we go through, we don’t have to lose our faith because we know that even our sufferings have a purpose! They produce in us a glory that far outweighs the pain! There might be pain in the night but joy comes with the morning! We need to put all our hope in Him because those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength! You might be wondering, “Why does God allow me to go through such hardships if He loves me so much?” It’s because God adores you and He wants you to experience His love in the deepest way possible. If life were a bed of roses, would you even need God? If you didn’t know what being in need is, would you ever want to satisfy someone else’s needs? Would you be able to comfort someone if you never needed to be comforted yourself? What if trials are actually blessings and what if pain and sorrow is the way to pure joy? We need to start looking at the circumstances of our lives through eyes of faith, not eyes of fear. We need to set our gaze on things unseen, because what we see with our eyes is temporary but the unseen will last forever. I want to remind you that you are loved and that things are not what they seem! God’s love is unchanging and His plan for you is to give you hope and a future! His grace is enough. Truly, His grace is enough! Even when we don’t feel like it is. We need to embrace what God’s “enough” looks like for our own life. It’s time we surrender our lives to God and allow Him to open our eyes so we can see that His grace is enough! How could it not be?

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    1. Thank you for linking to my post!

  1. Noel says:

    Thanks for the reminder about God’s grace. I also believe His grace is greater than what we can imagine. By the way, I also read Lee Strobel’s book “the Case for Christ”. I have read several of his books. Interesting book, right?

    1. You’re so welcome! Yes, His grace is greater than what we can imagine! How tragic that we so often forget this!!! I wonder how our lives would be if we really took refuge in His grace and never doubted His love for us. THE CASE FOR CHRIST is such an excellent book! So happy to hear you read it! I’m still in the process of reading it and I absolutely love it!! Can’t wait to get my hands on more of his books in the future! Did you enjoy his other ones?

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