Simple thoughts.

A sentimental expression.

winter walk

As one year ends and another one begins, I find myself meditating on things God has been stirring my heart about. Sometimes it’s hard to put words to what you can only know with your heart but it’s worth trying. I hope my written feelings will make you long for more of God in your life.

1. The greatest people are very small in their own eyes.
2. It’s better to cry than to be happy and forget God.
3. Many people think they know God but they’ve never met Him.
4. The best things in life are the ones that require much waiting.
5. Sometimes we point others to God but forget to point ourselves to Him.
6. Seeking God is life’s greatest privilege.
7. Your character is shaped in the fire.
8. Never live for yourself. Always live for others.
9. Treasure the Word of God; partake of it with more hunger than food.
10. Depth of soul is never acquired on the common path.
11. Peace is most truly experienced in the midst of chaos.
12. God is never found in empty rituals and traditions but always found in simplicity and sincerity.
13. God never distances Himself, we do.
14. Real worship is not about raising your hands but surrendering your heart.
15. Life is not about earthly things, it’s about falling in love with the eternal.
16. God can be known in the most intimate way possible.
17. Forgive others before asking God for forgiveness.
18. Pain is beautiful because God is our healer.
19. Speak gently. You never know which hearts are breaking around you.
20. Life is utterly empty without God.
21. Real love is braided with truth. It can’t exist without it.
22. We are foreigners in this world but often live like we’ll remain in it forever.
23. You can accomplish all things but if you have not loved- you are nothing.
24. Nature becomes beautiful when you know its Creator.
25. Humans are constant worshippers but God is rarely their idol.
26. Take time to thank God daily. It will change the attitude of your heart.
27. A humble heart is among the rarest of treasures.
28. Tranquility doesn’t mean the absence of turmoil; it means the presence of God in the midst of it.
29. Don’t allow suffering to make you bitter. It’s intended to adorn you with wisdom and beauty.
30. Be a careful guardian of your heart. The heart maps the path of your life.
31. Live with an open heart.
32. Don’t just read the Bible; meditate on it until you hear the heartbeat of God through its pages.
33. Even the most ardent of hearts can become cold towards God if it starts burning for another.
34. Tears keep the heart tender.
35. Make a habit of forgiving. Forgiveness gives life to your soul and radiance to your face.
36. Speak less. Live more.
37. There is beauty in every season of life.
38. Words are powerful. Choose your words carefully.
39. Take time to be alone with God daily.
40. Analyze your purpose in life often.
41. Never forget how to smile.
42. We find God when we seek Him more than anything else.
43. Be quick to confess even the smallest of sins.
44. Prayer is breath for your soul. Don’t allow it to suffocate.
45. Allow God to make you an instrument of love. It’s life’s highest calling.
46. God can be strongest in you when you are weakest.
47. Every tear is shed for a purpose.
48. Joy is greater than any circumstance.
49. To love is to live for the happiness of another.
50. There is something to learn from everything.

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