Holding my Lover’s hand.

Meditations of a captivated heart.

a hand to hold

There is a Weaver whose hands are steady and so sure. He weaves with threads of sorrow as well as with threads of joy. He never loses sight of us and all our pain and laughter is before His eyes constantly. The suffering in our lives should not cause us to think that we’re all alone and abandoned but should rather cause us to thank Him for His desire to make us more like Him. The blows of pain are Him chiseling us. With every stroke of His hand, we are shaped more and more into His perfect likeness. Our loneliness and hopelessness open the doors of our hearts to His gentle knock so He can enter our heart. How He desires to make our heart His! Everything changes when He steps in. He is able to work out any painful circumstance for our utmost good. What beauty our eyes behold when we are no longer focused on our suffering but rather become captivated by His brilliant face. He is so breath-taking! When our eyes are fixed on Him, we are free to worship Him even in the midst of the fiercest storm. It’s as if we are an eagle soaring upon the winds of His Spirit. He so faithfully weaves everything according to His will. He always answers our prayers, accomplishing in us so much more than we would ever dream to ask. Yet because His thoughts are not our thoughts, the way He works is so often misunderstood by us. I asked Him to become my everything in such simple yet sincere words. He heard my prayer and was pleased to walk me down a road that at first seemed so terrifying because it was so steep but with every trembling step I take, I am so much more aware of His love, His touch, His nearness. I can feel His hand holding mine! His hand is such a faithful guide. I feel like a little girl whose father is taking her out on a walk for the very first time. I’ve never walked this road but somehow I can trust Him completely. His gentleness and love melt away every trace of fear inside my heart. When my hand rests in His- I have nothing to fear. Even though the path He’s leading me on is unknown, I know the heart of the One leading me. I am safe because He holds my hand close to His heart. His heartbeat brings such comfort to my weary soul! He will never let go.

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  1. audrym says:

    So true! Beautiful! Miss you, Estera!!

    1. Audry! You are in my thoughts and prayers…please respond if you see this. ❤

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