Kingdom of light.

Living to showcase the splendor of God.

We are here on earth but we are not of the earth. We are part of God’s heavenly kingdom. Though sometimes it seems that we portray simple lives- we don’t. We are fully aware of the high calling we have received upon being adopted as sons and daughters of God. We choose to extend forgiveness without being asked to forgive the ones that wronged us. We pray for those who mistreat and ridicule us. We pray in secret when no one but God sees. We open our hands to help the needy when we know, especially when we know that no one will know about it. We delight in seeing newness of life where sin had left nothing but ashes and darkness. We love- not because people deserve- but because we have been loved first and we have seen the shimmering light of Christ and want nothing to do with the ugliness of the flesh. We don’t just go to church in order to be able to call ourselves Christians; we go above and beyond- everywhere we are, being His church, His servants in all places and at all times. We pray continually. We worship in every circumstance. We treasure the Word of God and don’t go a day without reading it and yielding to the Spirit of God so we can live out every iota. We are deeply hurt by sin and are quick to confess even the smallest error. We rejoice in our sufferings because we despise the sinfulness of our nature and submit to the hand of the Potter. We run from people’s applause and do anything in our power to exalt Christ. We live to love, to serve, and to worship. We are the kingdom. We are salt and light. We are treasures in jars of clay. We are His ambassadors here on earth. We no longer live but Christ lives in and through us!

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