Forgotten treasure.

Do you neglect or treasure the Word of God?

old book

In the way of your testimonies I delight
    as much as in all riches. -Psalm 119:14

 Reading the Bible is burdensome to most in the times we live in but it shouldn’t be this way. Though the majority of people are more enamored with the fleeting pleasures of this world- there have always been those few that have found the Word of God to be the very pleasure of their soul. God wants for us to find our greatest joy and delight in reading and living out His Word because He knows that our soul craves it more than anything. I am sure there are many seeking souls out there who make an effort to read the Bible every day but if you were to ask them if they truly enjoy reading it, many of them would have to bow their head and admit that it has become quite the chore. I can actually remember a time in my life when I felt exactly the same. I used to struggle to make reading the Bible enjoyable- not because I didn’t like it but because my heart didn’t beat in the same rhythm the heart of God does. Though I did try hard to read it every day, I couldn’t fully see the beauty that is hidden in it because my heart was not fully living its principles. I am aware that we need to discipline ourselves in order to spend time in God’s Word daily but there is more to reading the Bible than just the ritual aspect. God’s Word is the greatest joy for the heart that is completely surrendered to the will of God and no longer lives for self. When we truly see the beauty that is hidden inside the Bible we can’t help but simply delight ourselves in reading it but how many of us actually live this on a daily basis? The heart that no longer beats for self is in love with the Word of God and finds in it the greatest treasure. Tragically enough, most neglect reading and meditating on it even though it is highly accessible today because they chase after meaningless pursuits. Only God can change our hearts and open the eyes of our soul in order for us to see the Bible for the treasure that it is but it does take willingness and dedication on our part. If only you knew how beautiful the Word of God really is and how powerful it is in empowering you to live the abundant life Jesus talked about! It is the greatest delight and the richest treasure! Don’t spend your life neglecting this forgotten book that has the power to give life and vitality to your Christianity! Let God change the way you read it and you will find the most exquisite delight!

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