More than temporary joy.

When Christ becomes the focus of your Christmas.


People just love Christmas. It makes them feel joyful as they give and receive gifts and carols just have a way of warming even the coldest of hearts. In the midst of the frenzied atmosphere of Christmas, it can be so hard to fix your eyes on the eternal rather than the temporal. The world parades many distractions in front of our eyes- from the glittering ornaments, to the colorful lights, to the beautifully adorned Christmas trees. Everything surrounding this season screams for our attention and promises joy and fulfillment but Christ alone can open our eyes to see the beauty hidden in the ancient story of Christmas. Even though the world still keeps small fragments of the true story, we can experience real joy only when we make Christ the focus of this season. The Bible seeks to show us the beauty of humility through the birth of Jesus Christ. We miss the point of it all if we miss why Christ was born in a manger. Christ came as a humble baby and was born into a simple family, in the in the humblest of circumstances because God desired to paint a picture of humility for us even from the very beginning of His existence on earth. While the world seeks to attract us with the spark of color and temporary pleasure- Christ speaks to us of the real shimmer of the joy of true living. This higher way might not look appealing to those whose eyes have not been captured by the true eternal brilliance of humility but how glorious this way of life is! It is never found in the noise and pomp of contemporary culture, but always found in simplicity and sincerity. It is the life of the poor in spirit, not the self-sufficient; the self-sacrificing, not the one who seeks to preserve his/her life. Christ didn’t just enter humanity in the splendor of humility- He also fulfilled His calling on earth in the same manner. Throughout all His earthly ministry, His will was perfectly submitted to the Father and He never sought His own glory. He will forever be a portrait of humility and perfection for us- even after having to taste every temptation that whispers into the heart of every soul. His life shows us that true beauty is never found in this world but always found by keeping in touch with heaven. How can this way of life ever be possible when even the sincerest of Christians are so far from displaying it to the world? Through Christ! He didn’t just lay before us an example of humility- He is still molding men and women into beautiful representations of His character because He died to make this way of living possible for sinners. The question is never whether God intends to help us live like Christ did but whether we are willing to die the death of our self in order to allow the life of Christ to be made manifest in us. This Christmas, let Christ show you the way to the truest joy and fulfillment!

“This life of entire self-abnegation, of absolute submission and dependence upon the Father’s will, Christ found to be one of perfect peace and joy. He lost nothing by giving all to God. God honored His trust, and did all for Him, and then exalted Him to His own right hand in glory. And because Christ had thus humbled Himself before God, and God was ever before Him, He found it possible to humble Himself before men, too, and to be the Servant of all. His humility was simply the surrender of Himself to God, to allow Him to do in Him what He pleased, whatever men around might say of Him or do to Him. Brother, are you clothed with humility? Ask you daily life. Ask Jesus. Ask your friends. Ask the world. And begin to praise God that there is opened up to you in Jesus a heavenly humility of which you have hardly known, and through which a heavenly blessedness you possibly have never yet tasted can come in to you.”

From the book Humility by Andrew Murray

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