The place where we find God.


There is a peacefulness of spirit that such few people come to know in our days. The quietness of knowing that you have passed through the noise and fretfulness of life and you have come into the rarity of solitude. It’s a place untainted by the fleeting pursuits of everyday life. It is precisely where we can undoubtedly find God Himself. I fondly remember the vivid joy of coming to this place during the single years of my young adulthood. I would take long walks everyday with the simple intent of fixing my whole being on speaking to God. It wasn’t something that would’ve come naturally but it stemmed from a desperate need of prayer because of the situations I found myself in at that time. God was the only one that was able to do something on my behalf and He did! He came through for me so faithfully when the battle was the fiercest. Even though my victory was important to God, His intent was to teach me how to seek Him by learning to be still. Today, as I took a quiet walk by myself in the light rain of the afternoon, I couldn’t help but remember those moments of solitude with God. My gaze was firmly fixed on God during my single years and everything inside me was hushed so I could hear just one more whisper from Him. It was my lifeline then, it was my lifeline now. So much confusion and chaos I could’ve avoided in my life presently if I had only learned to practice solitude again. Today I did and instead of focusing on the millions of voices running through my head and the myriad of ways in which I wasn’t content with my walk with God- I dove into the stillness. It was still there. In fact, God is the one that promises that He makes Himself known as God when we are still. I’m sure you know the verse I am referring to. We need solitude every day and if we make the choice to be still before God, we will come to know that He is God! He is in the solitude and He is greater than our fears, our shortcomings, and our self. He is always waiting for us to take time to find Him in the stillness of solitude daily. This is where we can learn to surrender our very being to His will and to allow Him to take full control of our lives. This is where breakthrough takes place. If we learn and practice how to be still before God, we will allow Him to be God and everything we do will reflect our knowledge that He is God, not us! Learn to practice solitude today!

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