A moment of stillness (92).

Don’t be your own god.

But they did not listen or pay attention; they did not turn from their evil or stop burning incense to other gods. Jeremiah 44:5

The patience of God is incomprehensible. Again and again he warned His people through the prophet Jeremiah that He was about to bring disaster against them if they continued in their ways. His people prostituted themselves with other gods, choosing a god that appealed to them instead of God. The truth is, we do the very same thing when we do not submit our lives to God because we want Christianity done our way. It’s a hard truth I know, I am the first one being convicted, friend. We might not burn incense to am idol but could it be that our hearts burn for having our own way- the easier, more worldly path? Let’s take a moment today to listen and pay attention to God’s Word. That is who He really is.

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