Having faith in the light.

Why we choose to believe.

I promise I won’t start answering questions like, “Is God real?” or “Why should I have faith?” because I’m sure you’ve all heard talks about that. All I’m going to do is ask these questions: What’s the alternative? or What do we choose if we don’t choose to have faith? I want you to read my questions again. Try to answer them in your mind, and once you do, you can choose to either continue to read on or not. So, what did you think? Personally, I think that choosing to not have faith for whatever reason you can come up with is not going to leave you with much in your hands. If we don’t have faith, we choose to live in complete darkness and unknown. That’s the alternative to having faith. Let me paint a picture for you. Imagive you’re sitting on a chair in your room wondering if the light will come on when you turn the switch. I’m sure you don’t understand or know how all the wires connect to make the light come on and you deffinitely don’t see the light coming through the wall or into the wires. Nonetheless, you believe that the light will come on when you flip the switch. You have faith in the light. Same way goes with choosing to believe in God, we don’t understand many things about Him and we certaninly don’t see Him; but we choose to believe that He is real and He is everything He claims to be. Next time you find yourself wondering if you should choose to believe or not, give God a try. You might just find out that He is real, just like you found out the light switch actually works after giving it a first try. What happens if you don’t? You choose to embrace disbelief and doubt instead of choosing faith and certainty. Faith also gives you hope like nothing else in the world will ever give you, and this hope WILL give meaning to you life. Let the Light of God penetrate your heart. Have faith in Him!

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