Even though blurry at first, I’m starting to see.

The secret lies deeper. Look again.


I used to look at people and judge them by their appearances. I would label and categorize them faster than I could think and I didn’t know there was something wrong with that. Ever since I accepted Christ into my life, things have changed. He teaches me how to look deeper; how to look with my heart. I don’t just simply see people anymore, I see lives. I learn to look at the ones around me the way God looks at them. He sees their heart. I recently came to understand that there are emotions written in a person’s eyes. If you look past what you normally notice first in someone, you see a living soul. In many cases, these souls are struggling; they are either afraid, lost, or hurting and it wounds my heart just to look at them. I want to help, but all I can do most of the time is pray for them. Other times, I can see hearts radiating with hope and joy. This is usually rare, but it brings peace into my being. I know that only God can make someone’s eyes brighten in such true ways. When I look at people, on the street, inside a store, at the park; I can’t help but find myself wondering what shaped their hearts into what they are now. People can also hide what they truly feel at times, damaging their hearts even more. I am aware of the truth that God knows everything there is to know about them, and loves them just the same. God is so good! I wonder if they know there is forgiveness, healing, renewal, in the hands of the One who gave them life. I also wonder if they know there is Someone who loves them with a love so strong that it made Christ sacrifice his life so we can be set free. Our hearts matter more than we can ever imagine or comprehend! They matter to God and He wants to restore us and make us new. You can leave your past behind and accept His deep, unfailing love. Christ longs to pour Himself into your heart, life, and soul. He longs to make your eyes brighten beautifully. He longs to fill your life. Do you?

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