Healing which cannot be provided by humans.

Your heart can only be renewed by God.

There is a type of healing that every individual needs. The healing that I’m referring to has to do with your emotions, your heart. It is a healing that transcends normality and steps out into the realm of God; the spiritual world. Your life up to this point has left scars on your heart, making your true identity reflect those wounds. Sometimes we find ourselves wondering what it is we’re missing, feeling an emptiness that nothing can quench. That emptiness proves that there is something deep within your heart which is in desperate need of healing. The way in which you see the world and how you respond to it is greatly affected by your scars. Even though these scars can be buried or hidden, they will prevail until the moment God steps in to help. He is the only one capable of healing those deep places within your heart that nothing in the world can comfort or quench. You know what I’m talking about, sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night and wonder what it is your soul thirsts for. You find yourself trying to understand why you feel that crippling loneliness that tries to take over your heart. You wake up the next day with the same need, but you just go about your day and push it down as far as you can, thinking you will never have to deal with it again. The truth is you will; and these hurting places in your heart will only get worse and worse with time. The only way to have them healed is by letting God carefully mend them, but in order for this to happen you have to surrender your heart. Ask God to take you in those deep places inside your heart and unveil the lies that are hidden there. Giving God access into your heart will heal those wounds and finally set your heart free. God will bring the light of Truth which will clean and purify your heart. After your heart is healed, He will show you what your true identity is. Don’t you want to find out?

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  1. westwood says:

    Sounds like I should start praying to my plastic surgeon.

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