The freedom you’ve been longing for all your life exists.

Forgiveness is the longing inside every heart.

There is forgiveness in the hands of our Father, the One who loves us more than an earthly father ever could. God is eternal. We all need to feel forgiven, loved, and accepted. That’s exactly what God wants to offer you at no cost. Sincere repentance produces forgiveness, and forgiveness ultimately produces freedom. Yes, the freedom you’ve longed for all your life is available only from the hands of your Creator. Don’t make the cruel mistake of looking for forgiveness or freedom where you will never be able to find it, but rather turn your eyes to the One whose forgiveness is true, real, and everlasting. Imagine the peace you will feel, your heart will be filled with a joy so pure that you won’t be able to contain it all to yourself. What do you say? All you have to do is accept. It couldn’t be any easier. Will you take His hand? Let God show you the life He meant for you to live when He breathed life into your being.

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