Set your standards high.

God thinks BIG! The dream God has for your life is far beyond your imagination! The Designer of the universe has crafted a destiny for you that will take your breath away. Maybe you haven’t known this or maybe your life has been under too great attack for you to realize, but your God-given destiny is real….

Seasons of the heart.

It feels like fall inside. I feel deeply inspired by the changing of seasons. When I opened my window and felt the cold air against my face, I couldn’t help but realize that fall is here. A new season was born; it’s time for transformation. My heart is strongly aware of this change and I…

Are you ready to hear it?

God desires a relationship. Yes, you’ve heard that right. God’s ultimate desire is for you to have a relationship with Him. Did you ever take some time to observe that we all relate to one another in some way? You have a relationship with you family, your relatives, your friends, your neighbors..and the list could go…

The freedom you’ve been longing for all your life exists.

Forgiveness is the longing inside every heart. There is forgiveness in the hands of our Father, the One who loves us more than an earthly father ever could. God is eternal. We all need to feel forgiven, loved, and accepted. That’s exactly what God wants to offer you at no cost. Sincere repentance produces forgiveness, and forgiveness…

Our God is GREAT!

Butterfly into space.    I woke up this morning wondering what I should write about today. As I bowed my knees in prayer I asked God to show me what He wants me to write about. I prayed, and then I got online; still wondering. I immediately came upon this on a site I frequently visit….