Set your standards high.

God thinks BIG!

The dream God has for your life is far beyond your imagination! The Designer of the universe has crafted a destiny for you that will take your breath away. Maybe you haven’t known this or maybe your life has been under too great attack for you to realize, but your God-given destiny is real. Or maybe you want to stop reading this post right now because you have too many arguments against what I just said; life has taught you something terribly different. The only thing I ask of you is that you hear me out before you make any judgments about my statements. Yes, you didn’t get to choose the family you were born in or the circumstances of your life. Yes, life has been hard on you and you doubt where God has been all this time. Maybe nobody close to you has ever believed in you and so, you never dared to believe in yourself either. You might have been afraid to be different because you’re afraid heredity will have the final word, no matter how hard you try. I have something you need to hear: heredity cannot stand in the way of God’s destiny for you. There will be attacks, horrific attacks; but these have no claim over your life. Think of all the times when everything seemed to go against you, have you ever wondered why? If you’re like me, you probably have. Satan will always try to destroy you before God will place your feet on higher ground because He knows what you can become and fears it. When times get rough in your life, you should think of them as signaling the prosperity, growth, and favor that awaits you from God. As long as you put all your faith in God, He will give you victory over the enemy and will turn what was made to destroy you into blessings. Dare to dream like you’ve never dreamt! Dare to step into the destiny God created for your life. Dare to believe!

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