When everything else is lost.

True peace is the fruit of hope.

Hope is among the most essential qualities a person can possess. Having hope gives you the power to look beyond your present circumstances to a brighter tomorrow. If you lose hope, you lose everything. There are many kinds of hope, but the most important one is hope in God, which could mean that we aspire in the fact that God is with us. We seem to take for granted some kinds of hope, either because we don’t know they exist or we are just used to possessing them. However, our world is full of people who have given up hope long ago. Imagine waking up one morning without a trace of hope inside your being and that devastating gut feeling that something horrible is on it’s way. You have no hope that you can even start your day, not to mention getting through it safely. This is how some people feel; believe it or not, and this is due to the fact that they have lost hope completely. It was stolen from them. You can’t entirely understand or sympathize with them until you experience it on your own; which I would never wish you did. Nonetheless, you can take a moment and try to imagine what it would feel like. See why we have to treasure hope and be thankful to God for it? God fills our hearts with hope every morning of our lives, this giving us strength of will to get through our days one by one. Hope is crucial, we are lost without it. To experience real peace means first having complete hope in God; not in yourself or your circumstances, but hope in the One who created hope and wants to fill your heart with it. Hope is everything, without hope, there is no peace. Without peace, there is nothing left.

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  1. Great post! The bible says that it is Christ in us, the Hope of Glory! The only true hope that we have in our life is theough the God of the Universe, Jehovah! I enjoyed your blog!

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