Are you ready to hear it?

God desires a relationship.

Yes, you’ve heard that right. God’s ultimate desire is for you to have a relationship with Him. Did you ever take some time to observe that we all relate to one another in some way? You have a relationship with you family, your relatives, your friends, your neighbors..and the list could go on and on. At the center of creation God placed Adam and Eve, and blessing them, they became a family in God’s eyes. The two had a relationship with each other, carefully planned by God. A moment after He created the man, God understood the man’s need for another human being. God gave Eve to Adam as a beautifully crafted half, and even though she fit perfectly with Him in all the beauty of creation; God made sure to leave a deep desire for Himself in both of their hearts. God places a heavy importance on relationship; that’s why we are wired to have relationships with each other. Even right after birth, a baby longs for his mother’s touch and the warmth of her breast against his soft cheek. Just as much as a baby needs nourishment, he also needs his mother’s relationship with him; she gives the baby a sense of security by offering her love to him. Take that need and multiply it by eternity; that’s how much your Creator desires to have a deep, meaningful relationship with you every day of your life. He made sure to leave that desire burning inside your heart for a purpose. God knew that one day, you will come to realize that no relationship in your life will be able to satisfy your deepest need. He made you the crown of all creation and gave everything to you. God places great importance on you. Ever since He began His creation, His strongest desire was for you to have a relationship with Him. It still is and it will always be; just like the desire in your heart for His everlasting embrace.

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