You need to have in order to give.

Singleness is a gift from God.

 Ah, the issue of singleness. I would like to start off by assuring you that being alone does not have to mean being lonely. Singleness is a gift from God, and it should be treasured accordingly. Not too long ago, God made me understand that I’m not ready for marriage at this point in my life. I’m saying marriage and not dating because I believe that if you’re not ready for commitment, you should not even think about looking for someone. It is not enough to understand that this is the time to wait in your life, you need to also understand that while you wait; you should make use of the gift of being single. Singleness is a time of spiritual, emotional, and material growth; it is a period when you need to use the time that you are blessed with in order to grow. You need to grow in your relationship with God, your relationship with your heart, and your general earthly knowledge that will help you more than you can imagine once you’re married. Understanding and accepting that singleness is a gift will help you make the best of it! Also, you will not be ready to offer everything that you need to offer to “the one” if you have not been given everything that you need to be given from God. Confused? Let me put it this way, you cannot give if you were not given. Or, you can’t give if you don’t have. As singles, we need to let God satisfy and shape our hearts before we are ready to offer ourselves to someone else. We need to understand that only God is able to fill our hearts and make us whole. Please don’t think that if you find the right person and get married to him or her you will be forever complete and happy without first knowing God. People are fallible, they will let you down; no matter how perfect they may seem to be. This is something you need to come to terms with. There is a God-shaped hole in your heart that only God can fill. Once that is filled, you can offer from it to that special someone. You need to know what being complete and happy means in order to make someone else feel that way.

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  1. Delia says:

    🙂 !!!!

  2. Abigail says:

    Well put! Most people are so focused on getting married that they are losing precious opportunities to serve Him without the hindrances of marital commitments. They are also not spending the time focusing on Him so that they are ready for marriage when the time does come…if ever.

  3. Alice says:

    Thank you! That really did help 🙂 God bless u girl today and always!

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