So, you say you’re a “Christian.”

Is God the real purpose of your life? 

We like to call ourselves Christians. We go to church on Sunday, say a five-minute prayer in the morning, open our Bible every now and then- all in an attempt to keep up with our title. The sad part is that we fail to see what we’re really living for. The things that we pour most of our time and energy into make us who we really are. Not going to church once a week. Not mumbling a few words we don’t even mean. Not reading the Bible in a hurry. To be honest, that isn’t what we’re living for. We’re just doing those things because we think God will place a “check” by each one and applaud us for doing it. Doing something just to get it done doesn’t move God. You know what actually moves Him? A heart that truly lives for Him. We can’t call ourselves Christians if we don’t live up to it. We either give God all or nothing. Yes, I really mean that! We can’t live our lives with a divided heart. We need to love God more than anything else. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have a job or spend time with friends; it rather means making God the center of our life and giving Him everything. When you live for Him first, everything else falls right into place. Try to observe the things that you do in any given day. How much time do you dedicate to God? Or, do you even make time for Him? The world we live in is busy and fast. Our days are short and chaotic. Sometimes, we even take on extra things in order to feel accomplished, but it all comes to ruin when we realize that we can’t do it all. Instead of living life, we are trying to find life; searching for it in all the wrong places. Instead of focusing on the eternal, we focus on the temporary. No wonder we feel so unfulfilled! The only true purpose for this life can be found in God. This doesn’t just happen. We need to search for it to find it. When we start looking for God and making time for Him, He begins to open our eyes to the true reality. There is so much more to this life than we are able to see with our own eyes. Only God can open our mind in order for us to understand the complexity of His will for us. We won’t feel happy until we live for Him and find the life He made our hearts for! Confidence and peace will fill our hearts when we let God define our purpose. If you find yourself empty and disoriented as you read this, please reexamine your life. Look closely and be honest with yourself. Are you devoted to God or just going through the motions? Have you let Him be in control of your life? How far down your list of priorities is He? What is it that you’re living for? Really living for! No wonder we feel so out of place, unhappy, and lost. Let’s make living for God our purpose! Instead of running from Him, let’s run to Him! Life isn’t worth living any other way. May God define our lives!

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  1. Lulu says:

    I love you so much beautiful Estera, you are absolutely right! What an amazing post, I’m going to carry it with me in my heart and really keep it there to meditate on, I think it’s what the sweet Lord has been saying to me lots, He wants me to stay right with Him and let Him become everything in my life- to have everything be touched by Him, to walk in step with Him and hold hands and not let go when I get distracted by something off to the side!
    Thank you thank you! ❤ ❤

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