Living in anticipation of eternity.

This life is only part of the journey.

I’m a traveler. This world is not my home, I’m just passing through. Sometimes I fail to remember that I’m a stranger on a journey. My family, my friends, and everything about this life is temporary. It will all come to an end one day. As tempting as it is to fall into thinking that this life is all there is, it’s far easier to look ahead with anticipation of something more. The past is gone, the future isn’t ours, and the present doesn’t allow much space for our souls to breathe. We need so much more than just the “now.” If you live focused only on this life, you’ll soon suffocate. If you live in awareness of the eternity to come, you’ll find peace and purpose. There’s power in knowing that our struggles on this earth will end one day! When I fix my eyes on the eternity ahead of me, my heart becomes strong and hopeful. I am filled with strength and comfort. Imagine the lives we would live if we never lost sight of what’s to come! We would go through suffering with a different attitude. I know life is not easy, Christ never said it would be, but we are assured that eternity does exist! This brief life will end one day and we will transition into a perfect place. I find myself dreaming about it at times. One day, sorrow, hurt, fear, and everything that paralyzes our hearts won’t exist anymore! If I close my eyes and play a beautiful memory in my mind, feelings of happiness, peace, and hope engulf my heart. Imagine living in that moment of pure bliss forever. Wow, what an extraordinary thought! Do you ever wonder why we wish we could relive a good experience from our past? I think it’s because we have “eternity” written all over our souls. Somewhere deep down, we know we were created for it and long to live in it. One day, the dust underneath my feet will vanish in the wind. My body will disappear into nothing. The memories that made up my life will become a faint echo of what I once knew. The joy and sorrow of this life will come to an end. My face will be forgotten and my voice won’t be heard anymore. Yet, this is not the end of the story! I know that my soul, the essence of who I really am, will continue to live forever. I will open my eyes to see all the beauty and glory of the place that my Father is creating for me! That day, I will fall to my knees in awe of all that He is and will spend eternity in His presence. I will tell Him how much I love Him and He will take me in His arms and tell me that He always held me close. Even in the times when I felt alone and hurt, He had never left my side. All things that are blurry and hard to understand now will become clear and obvious. So, take heart! Your struggles will come to an end. This life is temporary. Eternity is real and closer than you can fathom! Are you ready for it if your journey on earth ends soon? The truth is, it’s when we enter it that we truly begin to live. Come on, live your life in hope and be courageous! Let’s keep the flame of eternity burning bright within our hearts!

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  1. Jacque s mervil says:

    Do you have book anticipation of eternity can you send one for me 8229 Justin Rd N jacksonville Fl32210

  2. so beautiful, estera. 🙂
    something we always need to keep at the front of our hearts and minds.
    It takes discipline in such a “now” world.
    I feel so blessed to know you. 🙂

  3. Hona Amer says:

    good perspective. 🙂

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