Love letter.

 God’s heart burns with passion for you.

Beloved, you let so many things distract you from seeking Me. I watch you from the time that you open your eyes in the morning to the time when you close them in exhaustion. I watch you even through the night and think about the glorious plans that I have for your life. I desire to give you dreams as you sleep, but your thoughts and worries take over your mind and you either dream of things that are not from Me, or you don’t dream at all. I wish I could show you something, even the smallest glimpse of what I have for you might make you trust Me, desire me. I wait for you as you awake and I long for you to speak to Me. I can give you the wisdom you need as you search frantically for truth in a world that is empty. I have everything you need, yet you rush through your morning like a mad man. Oh, beloved. If only you knew that if you rose up early to spend time with Me, I would multiply your time and you would have a different outcome to your day. But no, you choose to do things on your own. Beloved, it hurts so much to see you live life so blindly! You need to understand that you can’t see the reality of your spirit without My help. Everything springs up from the Spirit, and if your inner life is not overflowing and it lacks- your outward life will reflect that. My child, you wonder why life is so hard and confusing and you become angry with Me for your difficulties, yet you fail to understand the most important thing. I don’t like bringing hardship into your life because I suffer along with you, but I know that this is the only way for Me to get your attention. Sadly, you turn away from Me even more instead of seeking Me and running towards Me. You listen to the voice of the enemy and the voice of your deceitful heart, but I speak to you also and I do it often. It hurts Me so much to feel your rejection. You are not paying attention to Me at all! I want to bless you and give you abundance of life, but I cannot do so unless you are fully Mine. Please, seek me! THERE IS SO MUCH AT STAKE. Can’t you see how much you need Me? When did you forget that I am your first love? When did you forget that you promised to serve Me and to love Me all your days? You’ve forgotten everything I’ve done for you so quickly! Your heart is so absent during the limited amount of time you spend with Me! I watch you open My Word out of obligation and routine. You don’t even speak to Me enough in prayer! You don’t realize that there are things I desire for you to understand, and you can only do so by spending time with Me. I want you to read My Word with excitement and live it out that you may find life and peace. If only you believed how powerful My Word really is and that it is alive- you would hold it in your hands for the treasure that it is and you would never want to put it down! Beloved, if only you made time for Me! Did it ever occur to you that I long to hear your voice? I long for us to speak as someone longs to hear the voice of their lover. Will you make time for me and not just let days pass you by without seeking Me? Yes, the world you live in is fast and restless, but I made your heart for rest and fulfillment. YOU NEED ME. Draw near to Me! Before you’ll make the first step in getting close, I’ll be closer to you than ever before! There are things I need you to change that I may replace them with My Truth and righteousness, but you need me in order to know what you need to do. Beloved, life is meant to be challenging, yet breath-taking at the same time and I want you to experience the thrill of hope as I help you overcome this world. Even as I help you overcome yourself. Only through Me you can overcome! My mercy has no end and My love for you is bigger than the sky you see above and all around you. I’ll be waiting. Every single day of your life, but don’t make the tragic mistake of not coming to Me now! You’re robbing yourself of so much. I DON’T WANT YOU TO MISS OUT ON LIFE. There is a love story waiting for you! Come..I LOVE YOU.

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  1. Diana says:

    This letter was so beautiful and eye opening for myself. I was reading it and in my mind I kept say “yes this is how I feel” and saying to myself “was god speaking to estera to write this so I can read it because it a duplicate of hoe I feel and my relationship with our father ” god bless you estera you have an amazing gift.

    1. Diana, thank you so much for your encouragement! I want to give all glory to God for what He’s done in my heart and the wisdom He gives me as I let Him write through me. It’s not easy, but He is my inspiration and truth! So happy you commented, it brings me much hope to see how God spoke to you through this the same way He spoke to me! God is good and His strength is perfected in our weakness..let’s keep seeking and trusting Him!

      May the God of joy be your fulfillment and peace!

  2. i do believe he desperately desires for us to connect with him, but don’t you think connecting with him because of our need makes our relationship cheap? I imagine he desires us to connect with him not for what he can do, but just because of who he is?

    1. Yes, our strongest desire for connecting with God should be based on who He is and simply on the fact that He is so breath-taking and that everything good, beautiful, and worthwhile flows from Him. The reason why I wrote the “love letter” in this way was because it’s something I felt God speaking to me in the season of life that I’m currently finding myself journeying through. It’s a season of admitting my need for Him, learning to be completely dependent on Him, and looking to Him to satisfy me rather than to other things in this life. I believe that His ability to meet our deepest desires and to truly fulfill us is something that “lures” us into an intimate relationship with Him initially; and as we get to know Him more and more- we start loving Him for who He is and not because of what He can do for us. Happy to see you read and pointed that out, I appreciate it! It’s something we need to keep in our hearts and I’ve sensed God speak that to me personally as He was making me aware of my selfishness. Yet I’m finding more and more that my happiness can only be found in Him, and as I seek Him for who He is- He meets my needs and fills my life with good things. It’s the way God works. He is good and He does good!

      Expecting your response. 🙂

      1. hey – was just a thought. i do think we’re on the same page, after all we’re in relationship with the same God. In reading Job and about Daniel’s friends i just realized how much God values being loved for his being & not his doing – i’m like that too, i’d prefer to be loved the same way. I enjoy your blog. Thank you for writing. 🙂

    2. I know exactly what you mean! I’m happy to see that God is using my blog to bless others! All glory to Him, I’m so humbled by His grace!!!

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