Do you know what pain feels like?

Christ heals.

We find ourselves doubting the heart of God. Sometimes, it even seems impossible to have faith when you go through tough times. I’ll admit it. There have been times in my life when the weight I was carrying seemed too heavy, heavier than I could carry. I know what it means to look around desperately, trying to find a way of escape when everything around is crumbling. I experienced pain that is real and fear that cuts deep. Deeper than your soul. There’s no stronger pain than that! The pain of feeling abandoned in the middle of darkness and uncertainty as the ground beneath you is breaking. The hurt that comes from feeling like there is nothing to hold you together. This hurt is more terrifying than death. Can you identify with this? Our heart is capable of feeling so much, more than we wish it could sometimes! It has an immense capacity to withstand even the cruelest of emotions. And we feel. We feel betrayed, alone, hopeless, hurt, afraid, misunderstood, disappointed, unloved, abandoned…and all these feelings leave a powerful impact upon our heart. Through feelings like these we learn about life, and about ourselves. They shape us and define us. We go through life with a sense of fear and hopelessness without even realizing it sometimes. Why? Because it’s become part of us. It’s what we know. We try to hide these emotions deep within us- in an effort to hide them even from ourselves. Yet, they’re still there and they seem to haunt us often. We try to cover up the hurt with busyness and we think that it works, but it doesn’t. We live with a sense of disappointment and shame. This is true for each and every one of us. Have you ever wondered why? It’s because we have an enemy and he has been out to destroy us and to rob us of everything that’s good. But Christ has won the victory over satan! Can you imagine how sad and hopeless life would be if Christ never came to save us? Our cause was so real that He had to die for us! He knew how deep we were wounded and the lies we’ve accepted about life and ourselves. Lies that seemed so true because our hearts have embraced them so tightly. Christ brings so much hope to us!!! Healing and restoration flow freely from His wounds. He tasted our pain so that we might find healing! He carried the cross that was too heavy for us to carry! We don’t have to live according to what we feel anymore because we know that we have a new heart in Christ. He replaced our heart of fear with a heart of hope! This is not just something that we have to imagine, it is actually true! The enemy will try to assault your heart and rob you of the joy that’s available to you in Christ, but don’t lose your faith! Christ is real and powerful. His sacrifice for us also brings truth and truth is better than anything in this life! Truth sets you free and gives wholeness, newness, and life! I hope you have not forgotten about the hope that we have in Christ! Christianity is misunderstood by so many people, yet it is so beautiful because it’s about Christ rescuing us and giving us hope. He came to bring the one thing everyone will ever need- LIFE. And the life He gives is abundant and real. He redeems, sets free, restores, and renews. It is Him our hearts have been longing for! It is Him that gives hope and brings healing!!! He died that we might have a chance to live freely and fully. He died so that me and you won’t have to live life alone. To fight alone. We don’t have to hide away in our pain and misery and we don’t have to believe the lies that the enemy has taught us! Christ died and with Him died fear, pain, disappointment, hopelessness and everything else that cripples the soul!!! We must take heart because our Savior- the one who came to rescue us and bring us new life, has overcome! His love makes everything new and His love is real and strong. So, take heart and stand strong through Christ! Healing is here.

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