Not a second to waste.

The clock of life is ticking away.

As I was driving home one day, I couldn’t help but notice the memorial stones from a cemetery nearby. Something inside me was telling me to go and explore. It was almost like a magnetic effect, I felt as if someone was calling my name and my eyes reverted from the road to the cemetery and back. I decided to drive to the entrance and go in. Emotions of sadness coupled with reverence tugged at my heart. I wanted to take a walk, but there were no places to park, so I found myself driving around on the narrow road that surrounded the entire cemetery. My eyes fell on the names engraved on the stones and the flowers that adorned them. I drove around and stopped frequently so I could read what the engravings said. Phrases like, “beloved husband and friend,” “to my wife, gone but not forgotten,” and “to our brother, our souls are waiting to join you,” captured my attention as I was getting lost in a sea of burial stones. A sense of hopelessness washed over me but it was quickly overcome by God’s reassuring presence. The lonely stones reminded me of the reality of this life. Death is inevitable. Every living soul in this universe has or will taste death sooner or later. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 12:7, “and the dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.” The Word of God is so true and powerful! Me and you are but dust in which God breathed His Spirit and gave us life. God didn’t just give us life, but He also restored us to life in Him through the cross! How beautiful and marvelous this is! I want to live my life for the One who gave me life and salvation! I want my life to leave the imprint of Christ and His love in this world. I don’t want to live my life disconnected from the reality of eternity, but I want to embrace it and live out the calling I have received with everything that’s in me! I want to touch the lives of those who are stumbling in the darkness and let the Light of God bring them back to life! This life is so short. All too often we live for ourselves and forget that this life is not about us; it’s about God! I’m thankful that through the grace of God I will spend eternity in heaven, but that’s not all. I want to live my life here on earth with a heart that’s truly devoted to Jesus Christ. Nothing else matters! I want to die to myself completely and let Christ live through me. It’s so easy to be selfish and focus only on your own needs and problems, but look around you! There are so many souls who need Christ!! He didn’t shed His blood for just me and you. The price He paid is too high and I want to honor it with my life! I pray that God will awaken our hearts to the reality of life. I feel that the Church is asleep. We are so caught up in ourselves. We think that this life is all about us when it’s NOT. It’s all about Jesus Christ!!! We need the Spirit of God to awaken us to the reality of His will. We can’t waste our lives on the things of this earth which are temporary, we need to focus on the eternal because that’s all that is left in the end. Our churches are filled with mediocre Christians who think that the Christian life is all about going to church, having a nice home, driving an expensive car, and adding a few moral ambitions to their lives. Though we profess to know God, we are distant and lukewarm. True joy is not found in a husband/wife, a career, not even in earthly success. True joy is found in Christ alone! In giving Him everything that we are. In living for Him every moment of our lives. In a life of surrender and sacrifice. In living a selfless life. I want my life to leave Christ’s eternal imprint in a powerful way! When I will close my mortal eyes that I may open them in eternity, I want my memorial stone to stand as a radical inspiration for others to live lives truly abandoned to Christ. I pray that we will not be satisfied with living an average “Christian” life, but that we will live lives of complete surrender, full of passion for Christ! So many times, actions have a more powerful impact than words. So, live your life in the Light of Christ and lead people to Him! Your life will come to an end. I wonder how many of those memorial stones marked the beginning of eternity in heaven and how many of those souls are spending eternity in hell. We have a crucial role to play in this life! The sand of time is slipping away too quickly through the hourglass of life. Are you living every day as if it were your last?

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