A divine destiny.

Paying the price of becoming one of the few.


She knew there was something special about her life. It wasn’t about her, it was about Someone much greater than her- Someone wise, powerful, and loving. Life hadn’t been easy at all. There were times when the dreams placed inside her heart seemed to die one by one. Her life was anything but comfortable. She was misunderstood by many because the dreams she had were too big, too sacred. The life she lived was too different. The battles she faced were too intense. Something seemed to be opposing her on all sides. Yet she trusted. She kept going. What was it that kept her going? It wasn’t her strength. She often felt weaker than everyone else. Still, she couldn’t let go of her dreams. They were engraved too deep inside her heart to be erased. She knew Who was writing the story of her life- a God who was wise, powerful, and loving. She was hated by the enemy, satan, because God’s plan for her life threatened him. So he tried to thwart her in every way possible. The years passed. Springs, summers, autumns, and winters passed. She kept praying, seeking, watching. She knew her God was real. There was no way she could’ve made it this far on her own. She knew that He would supply her with the strength she needed to keep going, to believe, to be molded. She was going to live out God’s divine destiny for her life. A destiny that was a gift from heaven, not something she deserved but something that was given to her without her being worthy or special. It was her destiny that gave her worth because it was bestowed on her by God Himself. She felt like a simple girl wearing a royal dress. She felt honored. She felt empowered. She couldn’t believe she was chosen for such a great purpose but it didn’t come without a cost. She was tested by Him greatly. He destroyed all the idols in her life. He spoke to her in gentle whispers, too faint for the modern Christian to hear. She learned obedience through her suffering and pain. Only her and God know how much pain she endured! But she was never left to carry the weight of the cross on her own. He showed her the beauty of seeking His will in every circumstance. Her eyes were opened and she found hope in everything- even when nothing made sense. All that mattered was that it made sense to her God and the tapestry He was weaving was more beautiful than anything she’d ever seen. There were times when He would allow her to see glimpses of it. She was awestruck every time. How could God choose her? Yet He did. God is still looking for people who will surrender everything to Him- their dreams, their future, even their ego. He wants to be the Lord over every aspect of their lives. When you give Him your dreams, He will replace them with His. You will never regret living His dreams for your life! They are far better than anything you could ever imagine! Are you willing to live for God instead of living for yourself? He doesn’t promise an easy journey but He does promise that you will be rewarded in the greatest way possible. He will be your greatest reward. Don’t settle for just existing. You were called to a destiny that will leave a lasting impact on this world. Throughout history there were few who lived this kind of life, yet God still speaks through their life even after they died. This destiny comes with a cost. The cost of dying to yourself and letting Him live through you. Let God make you one of the few!

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