The essence of a true lady.

You don’t have to spend countless hours at the mall in order to realize that people care about what they wear. Every shop seems to be emphasizing a certain style, a certain way of dressing. IT’S QUITE FASCINATING. A woman of God should not be overly consumed with fashion and she shouldn’t look plain or unattractive. She should rather be elegant, modest, lovely, and absolutely beautiful. A woman of God is one who is strong, dignified, wise, and beautiful. Yes, God alone can adorn us with the greatest jewels of beauty but we live in an earthly environment where people do look at what you wear. While the Bible does not encourage judging people based on appearances and showing partiality, it does tell us that the Proverbs 31st woman was dressed in “fine linen and purple.” If clothes have the ability to show a person’s career orientation, why shouldn’t we allow them to speak about our femininity? So, we shouldn’t wear elegant clothes in order to validate ourselves as women, but we should wear elegant clothes in order to show our heritage, so to speak. We are queens, daughters of the Most High God and we should showcase His beauty, loveliness, and elegance. Be a woman of elegance everywhere you are, with every gesture and you will honor the creator of beauty Himself!

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