Is this a dream?

The beauty of a God-orchestrated wedding.



It’s so amazing to feel that you have God’s favor upon your life. I’ve always dreamed of getting married one day and every time I used to go to weddings I would feel that sadness inside that made my heart ache. The truth is, I always wished it was me all dressed in white and that I had someone who would hold my hand. So, one day- it was my turn. “Is this really happening?” I thought delightedly. I mean, everything happened so fast. I met him a year ago through a common friend who went to visit Australia. I remember the day our family friend came by our house to say goodbye to my family and how excited he was to have some time away from the US. We all prayed, and he left. Who would’ve thought I would see him in a few months, in Australia?! That’s right. While in Australia, he stayed at my present husband’s home. He never planned on telling Raul about me but felt a clear voice inside that wanted him to open his mouth. So he did. Raul added me on Facebook and it all started from there. Two months later, I flew to Australia to meet the guy who I knew God had prepared for me. You see, our conversations were not shallow, like other people who ‘fall in love with each other.’ We talked about our relationship with God, our dreams for the future, our heart for the truth, for truly living the Word of God. We both loved the same things, the same aspects about God. IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE. I was in love with him before I had even met him. It was as if he was always there during my quiet moments with God- watching, and speaking through his silence. It was something so much more powerful than just a mere feeling. We were meant to become one. For God, and only after that, for ourselves. I landed in Australia about a year ago and stayed for 3 months. We were apart for almost a year after that. It was unbearable…but God was working behind the scenes on both of us- molding and preparing us for what was ahead. I returned to Australia in February this year in order to prepare for the wedding. We only had less than 2 months to plan but everything somehow worked out perfectly. BETTER THAN WE EVER COULD PLAN. I found a dress that was exactly how I wanted it on the first day we went shopping for a dress. It was ready about a month before. I remember looking at the beautiful beaded whiteness hung over the door to Raul’s closet. I slept in the room that was previously his and he slept in the master bedroom. His father and brother also lived with us before the wedding. On the wedding day, I was so surprised how everything fell right into place. I had only told the flower designer that I wanted everything white and gave her another few pointers and she was led by God in absolutely beautiful ways…I couldn’t believe my eyes that she used butterflies in the white tree (painted) that stood behind us on the stage by the altar. I never told her about butterflies. If you know me, you know how much I am touched by symbolism and God uses it all the time in order to communicate with me at a deeper level. It meant transformation. The growth of wings. A new beginning. And God was doing just that inside my soul. He was right on time!!! By the time the wedding day came around, I felt spiritually prepared because I had prayed intensely since I landed in February that God would use our wedding to speak to the younger generation about what it means to truly live for Him. I didn’t even dream of elaborate makeup and hairdo but the lady who offered to do my makeup and hair as a gift made me look like a queen. It was so funny to walk around the house after she finished and helped me put my dress on. It almost felt like I was walking inside a costume because I didn’t want to let cosmetics change who I really was. I really wanted to remain humble in order to see God at work more clearly. I prayed it wouldn’t rain since it is winter in Australia now and it actually did but not too heavily. I only later realized that it made the pictures look fresh and vivid and also showed the fact that God is more at work in the unpleasant in life and that He has a purpose for all the pain. We hired a photographer who took pictures of us in the heart of Melbourne- the city. The beautiful old buildings were so breath-taking. They were wet, which made the colors more intense and the leaves sparkle on the ground. I’ve always loved the vintage! God was present at the wedding ceremony in ways I can’t even describe. I sang a song called, “Jesus, the love of my life…” and recited a poem to Raul and he also recited one back to me. I think everyone felt the presence of God. The heart of the poems was about the call of God upon our lives to live a life completely set apart for Him and how he prepared us for each other. By the time we had the reception, I was exhausted but somehow managed to get through the night. O, and the honeymoon right after! We went to Tropical North Queensland. Do you get it? I’ve always felt as if my wedding was God’s way of honoring me before everyone because of my devotion to Him and related to Esther as Queen. Now you see it, don’t you? And I bet you won’t believe that the emblem of Queensland is the orchid, the flower I ended up using as a theme in the wedding arrangement. I had previously wanted white callas, then tulips, but none were in season! GOD IS JUST BREATHTAKING. We had more than a honeymoon, it was a time of drawing near to God as we drew near to each other. I can’t even explain the beauty of it! Now we’re ready to serve and I can already see how God is opening fresh doors of service which just blow me away! I can’t wait for what God has in store for the future…as I always used to tell my mom, “I want God to continue writing the Bible through my life…” HE IS SERIOUS ABOUT DOING JUST THAT. All praise unto Jesus Christ!!!

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