The secret to being a woman.

What is God’s heart towards beauty?

I’m so in love with Australia! The beautiful, exquisite vegetation just takes my breath away. In case you didn’t know, this country showcases the most amazing flowers and plants on earth. They’re worth looking up. So, I’ve been thinking about the heart of God towards beauty and what is the secret behind being a woman? In an age where stores like Victoria’s Secret no longer keep any secrets since all their models are almost fully exposed…does anyone even know what true beauty is? Well, the Bible and the Holy Spirit can guide us in understanding that. When you look at a flower, I believe you see the heart of God painted in simple, yet elegant brushstrokes. He’s not shy about dressing the nature with beauty and makes it clear that His plan for the wedding that we will celebrate in heaven in absolutely grand, and what about heaven? I can’t even breathe when I truly sit and think about it. But beauty has been so marred by the society we live in. Girls outside of church hold nothing back when it comes to revealing their beauty, and the ladies inside the church- well, they’re confused? I mean, I’ve noticed this little lie that seems to be making its way in the heart of women. “God doesn’t want me to be beautiful, beauty is dangerous.” Yes, it is- when used to manipulate and conquer, but true beauty should be the mark of every woman of God, which is portrayed practically through a pure heart, elegant dress, and wise words. God wants us to be beautiful, that’s why He placed that desire within our hearts. I’m not talking about a shallow, materialistic beauty, but the kind of beauty that showcases the glory of His splendor. It always points to Him, and not to you but it causes you to shine with His beauty. The girls around will be dying to have once you do! 😉

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