God of my today.

Seek God on a daily basis.

I know life can get crazy. Job, kids, husband- whatever your responsibilities are…life can sometimes feel like a roller coaster. Do you ever feel like you lose track of time? Who even knows what day it is anymore at times. Yet, I’d like to ask you a question, do you think God’s design for our lives is busyness? While God never encourages laziness and unproductivity- He does encourage seeking Him first and keeping your heart focused on Him throughout your day, no matter how many responsibilities you have. I once read somewhere that the person who doesn’t seek God in the morning, usually doesn’t seek Him at all on a given day. If you’re a Christian, do you have a daily, ongoing relationship with God or do you just pray once in a while? Do you set a side a certain amount of time daily for prayer and Bible reading? God has so much to teach you and He desires to do so much in and through your life but what are you doing about it? All He’s looking for is a yielding, seeking soul. Or maybe you just don’t care? Your loss, not His. Choose today to run to Him first for a whole week. Then continue that habit! You’ll never regret giving the best of your day to God.

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