Life is a fight.

What are you fighting for?

Since God awakened my soul to life about 7 years ago, I came to the realization that life is a constant fight. Most importantly, the things that are worth the most in life are the ones you need to sweat for, even be willing to die for. We all fight for one thing or another. Some fight for their ego, others for their future, while yet others are fighting for their rights. There are many kinds of fights that take place today, but only one battle stands the test of time by leaving an impact that cannot be erased even after such fighter dies. Not a lot of men and women lived such lives throughout history but the ones that did live a life fighting for what is true and right are still speaking even if their memorial stones stand cold and lonely. God wants to give us the boldness to fight for the truth, for integrity in a crooked world, for His Word. We can speak louder than our words do by the way we live our lives when no one is watching. Only by living a life of consistency that way, can we then become a voice for our families, our nations, and our world. Don’t waste your life fighting for meaningless things, such as your popularity, your reputation, or yourself. Fight for what God fights for by speaking truth in a crooked world and live a life that speaks even louder. Fight for God, fight the good fight of faith and truth!

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