Tapestry of life.

The beauty of God’s weaving.


Life is a beautiful tapestry. No matter what you’re going through at the moment. I’ve had times of devastating pain and loneliness throughout my life. Yes, I don’t know your pain and I can’t say I know exactly what it’s like but I’ve had my share of despair and hurt. God tends to use the heartache of life to mold us into what He wants us to be for the display of His splendor. Think of life as a weaving and God being The Weaver. Tapestries are weaved by putting little fragments of color together. Even your pain- those dark and scary threads- are equally needed to create the impact God wants to display through the tapestry of your life. No human is without a tapestry in the workshop of heaven but you do have to cooperate with God in order to allow Him to weave your life into something truly beautiful. Who wants a tapestry with mishaps or holes? I know this analogy might sound far fetched but if you could just see my point. God has been weaving and He has an exquisite tapestry in mind for your life. It’s so beautiful that it will take your breath away once it’s finished but until then, you can enjoy little pieces of it as He delights in allowing us to see glimpses of it as we journey through life. Trust the Weaver as He continues to make your life into a most beautiful tapestry. He’s been weaving throughout all generations!

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  1. Child Of God says:

    I think a lot like you but my words o not compare. I can write like you do or others as well sI seek posts I can Blog And write very little myself.I do hope I come across you often.

    1. God gives us all different gifts my friend. It’s all from Him & for Him…

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