Authentic womanhood.

The beauty and confidence of true femininity.

You’ve probably heard a lot about what it means to be a real woman. You might have even looked at the end of the book of Proverbs to see what the Bible says regarding what a real woman of God should be like. And let me not mention how you’re constantly bombarded by thousands of daily messages that try to divert your attention from God to yourself. What voice are you listening to? The voice of God is real and speaking but it is often too small and too still for the modern Christian to hear. How sad that they call it that ‘still, small voice’ when it should be that loud voice that resounds your entire existence! Why not listen to it more instead of listening to your flesh or the world? Let me assure you that the beauty and confidence that God bestows on the women who truly desire to seek Him and to die to themselves fully are qualities available to you. I am so blessed to have received them but it didn’t come without a cost! It costs you everything and it will cause you to follow God’s will for your life as you progress on the death of self, thus leading you to experience pain- even suffering in order to achieve it. Not because it’s something you have to work for- it is rather something God works in and through you by conquering more and more of yourself, or your flesh. So, there is a beauty and a confidence that far surpass anything Hollywood or the worldly magazines can ever offer! It’s the kind of authentic womanhood that makes you bold like a lion in the face of danger, adversity, and darkness. It will give you an empowerment to walk into the God-given destiny of every real Christian. It will take you in the presence of the most influential people of your era so you can speak. All because you’ve given all- not some- but all of yourself to God in joyful surrender and He is now your voice, your hands, your feet…your everything. He is- and you aren’t any longer. Oh, the beauty and confidence of dying to yourself truly!!!

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