The purpose of life.

An ongoing study of real love.

I will try to make this post as simple as possible. Yes, God has given me the ability to write- yes, He did; and He also blesses my fingers and my heart when I sincerely surrender them to Him. But this post is not about how much I enjoy writing and the joy I get when I share God’s beauties with you. This post is about the ultimate purpose of your existence. You’ll have people telling you all kinds of theories about why you’re on planet earth. Some disillusioned humans might even tell you that there isn’t really a purpose in life- you shouldn’t care to live for anything, so just live for yourself. But every now and again, there is that one man or woman who springs up like a little plant in the midst of death and emptiness- the most barren of deserts…not because of who they are but because of God’s plan for their lives. And they come to the exhilarating realization that life is about love. Accepting God’s love and loving others just like that. Fully & completely. It’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do but why would you want to be remembered for anything else after you die?  Love like God has loved you and you will truly live!

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