The beauty and might of a man.

Some things wives are too awe-struck to express.

Sometimes I wish my husband knew just how handsome he is. I love watching him trimming his beard, putting his work shirt on the hanger, opening a can of pickled cucumbers for me, coming home from work after a long day. I felt like I needed to express just how thankful I am for my husband and I think you wives out there will echo a big ‘amen.’ Yes, they’re not perfect but neither are we- yet there is the kind of man that knows that with Christ all things are possible and he is aiming for excellence daily. Perfection is the mark of heaven. Don’t you wish your husband knew how loved you feel when he enfolds you in his arms while you’re washing the dishes, or preparing breakfast? Or when he says to you in his manly voice, “You are so beautiful” after spending an eternity getting ready? It sends these electric impulses from your ear to your toes. It’s amazing being married. So many times I’ve heard people saying, “wait ’til you discover his imperfections.” I have and I find him all the more perfect because He takes them to God and is not too proud to admit them. I don’t know about your marriage but mine is God-centered and that makes all the difference. So, back to my mushy writing. Yea, I bet you love your husband too, and if you’ve been too caught up in life to realize how breathtaking it is to have a man you can call ‘husband’ – in all his beauty and might; or should I say handsomeness instead of beauty? Either way, pause to realize how very blessed you are and next time you want your husband to be what Christ only can be- run to God. Speak to Christ. You’ve been married since entering a covenant with Him by accepting Christ and getting baptized. So, tell your husband how much you appreciate him. A man desires respect and when you openly show it- his eyes light up and his heart soars. Make him feel those goosebumps too! And while you’re at it- why don’t you offer to wash his feet as an ultimate portrayal of servitude. What…? Don’t look at me like that. It’s what Christ Himself did!

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  1. Trisha Popa says:

    Beautiful post! 🙂 I love the last bit of it especially haha. Have you read The 5 love languages by Dr Gary Chapman?

    1. I have not but it sounds like an amazing book. Thank you! 😀

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