The extravagance of heavenly character.

There is a beauty called humility. It is full of wisdom and imperishable radiance- a kind of charm that makes all the gold in the world pale in comparison. Most of us know that the Bible talks about humility, yet how many of us understand what it truly means? Did you know that humility doesn’t mean always being quiet? It means speaking when you have something wise to say in order to bring the glimmering light of truth through your words. Humility doesn’t mean hiding away underneath clothes or trying to attract people’s attention towards yourself because of how ‘holy’ your are. It means having the right attitude before God and representing Him for who He truly is. It means knowing the extravagant beauty you possess and giving God all the glory for it. It means fearing God and living in submission to Him. Humility will cause the favor of God to rain upon your life with heavy drops of eternity. It will position you in places of honor in order for God to exercise His influence through your life. Humility is a crown of glory, a flower in bloom, the beauty of Christ. If you want to be a woman of true beauty, let God show you the path to humility!

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