Radiant joy.

A life of continual praise.

When God created us, He had a perfect relationship in mind. One where He is God and we are His image- rejoicing in the fullness of His presence and giving Him all the glory for it. Yes, we’re not in the Garden of Eden anymore but God still has a perfect relationship in mind. How could we experience that in this fallen world? Through the blood of Jesus Christ and the power of His resurrection! The Christian life that is lived devotedly and sincerely leads to great joy and expectation. It’s like the big smile you see on the faces of children when their parents buy them a new toy. God wants us to understand that we are a child in His sight- no matter how ‘big’ we might consider ourselves. It’s okay- it’s actually Biblical to have the heart of a child with God because He honors trust, sincerity, and dependency. God wants us to experience continual joy because He gives abundant existences to those whose lives are fully His. Image how beautiful your life would be if you could just live a life of miracles where God constantly pours out His blessings in your life and you just receive joyfully- all the while giving Him praise for everything He’s doing again and again. There are a lot of speakers out there today who deceive their audiences by telling them that God is a benevolent God- so therefore, He is solely concerned with their happiness. God is a good God but He is also Holy and He desires complete obedience from His followers. He is the God that makes sure to give His choicest blessings to His true followers. Is your life marked by joy? I’m not just talking about a feeling of fleeting happiness that you feel based on how your life is going but a deeply rooted sense of peace and excitement upon discovering more and more of God while giving God more and more of yourself. It’s like being a child all over again! Live full on for God and Your will radiate with His unspeakable joy!!!

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