Are you confident?

The redefinition of womanhood.

The society we live in has done everything in its power to make sure that women everywhere understand a definition of womanhood that is both skewed and hideous. Today’s woman is seen as one whose confidence conquers the world through the seductiveness of manipulation and the arrogance of pride. If you are not aware of this, you should be! This is no small matter when you know God’s design for true womanhood and confidence. I’d like to assure you, my dear reader, that womanhood God’s way is in no way unattractive and plain. God used women across the centuries and in order to do so He made them bold as lionesses. There is a holy confidence that comes with being empowered by God in order to carry out His divine purposes. Proverbs 31 tells us everything we need to know about the godly woman and one attribute that should strike you is the confidence she displays. This woman is intelligent, she is disciplined, she speaks the truth, she helps the needy. She is not a woman whose calling is to be silent and still. God’s women throughout history have conquered, yes they have- not the bodies of men but the enemy’s territory and advanced God’s kingdom in mighty ways. They spoke truth, they were not afraid to stand against great opposition, they led their children alongside with their husbands, they were a model for young women, and their hands were used in order for God not just to meet the needs of others but also to heal, restore, and change. This is God’s ideal for true womanhood- a woman who is both confident and humble; one whose dignity keeps her from being trampled by the schemes of fleshly Christians and whose love changes even the hearts of her enemies. This confidence doesn’t make you arrogant- it rather makes you humble by submitting to the One from whom your confidence springs forth- Christ. You cannot attain this kind of confidence in a day, not even in a year- it’s a lifelong journey of becoming a woman like the strong women of the past. The dust of time hasn’t changed the power of what it means to live boldly for God like Esther or the Proverbs 31 woman did! Now, this is real confidence.

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