Nearer than you can imagine.

God is not far from us.

Though God seems distant to most, there are countless souls who have encountered Him in a real way. Our lives are carefully planned journeys that carry the imprint of the Creator who knows how to reach the human heart- no matter how stubborn or calloused it might be. There was a time in my life when God seemed distant to me- so distant that He almost seemed nonexistent because I did not have a relationship with Him. For me, there was a period of intense trial that caused me to seek God with all of my heart. After 6 months of knocking on heaven’s gate, I finally found Him!  You, too, can find God, by choosing to seek Him through His Word (The Bible) and prayer. When we seek God with all of our heart we ALWAYS find Him. There are no adequate words that explain the fulfillment of experiencing the reality of God’s existence; yet did you know that He pursues our hearts with holy jealousy? He delights in making Himself known to us and shaping us into beautiful vessels for the display of His glory and splendor but in order to experience the fullness of His presence in your life- you must be willing to give up everything. If you find yourself in a place of confusion and intimacy with God seems like a fairy-tale, please don’t lose heart! God is definitely aware of every detail of your circumstances and His silence is often due to His patience towards us and not indifference. If you are anything like I was, you probably have been too deaf to hear His voice and unaware of His continuous embrace. Don’t think that God’s patience towards you is something that you can take for granted or even abuse but rather see it as a chance to turn to Him and to seek Him wholeheartedly. God loves us immensely but not in the way the world loves- His love will never cover up sinfulness and evil- He loves us enough to change and discipline us in order for us to experience the beauty of His presence in our lives and spend eternity in heaven instead of hell. There is no revival without true repentance.  We can never experience a real, intimate relationship with God without first coming to know Him for who He really is and not a God painted by our imagination or the loud voice of the world around us. It is sin that keeps us away from God but as soon as we start to draw near to God and to confess our sin, He draws near to us. Though God sometimes chooses to reveal Himself to us by causing us to experience pain, grief, or suffering- He delights in revealing Himself to us if we seek Him wholeheartedly. He gave up His Son, Jesus Christ, to be crucified in order for us to experience the fullness and beauty of an intimate relationship with the Father. God is close to us but we must be willing to seek Him with all of our heart in order to find Him! Why? Not because He intends to make Himself unattainable but because He is worthy of our everything. Blessed are those that find Him!

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