A life of worth.

Making God the pursuit of your existence.

For the past 7 years, I’ve been writing about my experiences with God as He has been continually showing me the beauty of a life solely lived for Him. It’s been an incredible journey so far but I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of what it means to embrace the privilege of dying to yourself! This theme has been like a thread of gold holding all the little bits and pieces of the posts that make up my blog. I’ve been so humbled to see how God is so patient and so relentless in His desire to shape us into vessels of honor for the display of His ultimate glory, yet as I write about the beauty of God I realize that this is not something to be found in the noise of the world or in the frenzied pace of the modern life. I’ve had moments when I felt God drawing me into closer communion with Him through suffering or even by kneeling me as He showed me the vastness of His mercy towards me. I’m sure you’ve had at least an instance in your life when you’ve felt challenged or inspired to live a life that will leave a lasting impact on the world. We’ve all heard of stories of Christians who lived lives marked by heavenly beauty. Did you ever long to be like those Christians? I know I have. Their lives were like shimmers of the brightest light in the midst of the grey shadow that is called Christianity of today. You cannot live a life of worth without losing everything. Even your very ego. Yet, in losing your will find the true purpose of existence- a life lived for the glory of God. It is the highest calling a human being could possibly receive and this calling has been bestowed on me and you. It might seem impossible but God can make it possible if you seek Him wholeheartedly. Living a life that will bring God the highest of praise doesn’t just happen. It is something that God desires to enable you to live but you must be willing. You will find the secrets that the Christians of ages past knew if you truly seek Him with all of your heart! The tragic truth is that we can so often live mediocre lives while being indifferent to the greatness of authentic Christianity. The human heart is drawn to shallow, fleeting pursuits but God calls us to come deeper. He wants us to experience the beauty of a life lived for Him alone, one that radiates His unspeakable beauty for all to see. It is a life of radical abandonment by keeping God at the forefront of your heart and life- no matter if you are a busy mother or a hard-working single man or woman. The flesh keeps us focused on temporary things that will one day vanish away like smoke but we are to pursue what’s eternal and we can only do that by being quiet enough to hear His whisper within our soul. He has so many beautiful things to tell us! Don’t miss out on the most fulfilling existence possible!!!

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