Set free from the burden of self.

There is a freedom that such few have experienced. It is the freedom of no longer living for yourself. Most people carry the heavy burden of self and miss out on the most beautiful existence possible. God never intended for us to live enslaved to our feelings, our abilities, and our thoughts but most people don’t just live that way- they find it to be the normal way of life for themselves. This is a burdened existence. It’s a life of confusion and extreme limitation. Whoever lives this life often wonders if a Biblical existence is even possible on earth. It is a life of bitterness, fear, anxiety, emotional pain, and disillusionment. And it is the life of most. It was my life and it is probably yours. Though many have become experts at hiding their true state from others, they are also misleading themselves by considering their way of life to be fulfilling. How is this possible? By covering up their soul’s cry for freedom through serving themselves. Yet, they sooner or later they find their lives in ruins. The way of the flesh is a way that leads to death here, and eternal death in the afterlife. You might be wondering how you can find freedom from yourself and though I have an answer which I will give you, I’d like to encourage you to take your question to God because He doesn’t just answer it- He also empowers you to find that answer in your own life by delivering you from yourself. There is a well known verse in the Bible that calls all who are weary and burdened to Christ in order to receive His rest but this doesn’t refer to Christ carrying our burdens- it rather talks about what it means to no longer carry the burden of self. Christ is gentle and humble in heart and He wants us to live lives marked by gentleness and humility. This is the complete opposite to living a self-focused life! His yoke is easy and His burden is light and it’s what we should be carrying. Why would you not learn from Him and take His yoke upon you? Deliverance is available but costly. Deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Him!

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