Sacred invitation.

The unspeakable beauty of God’s dreams for your life.

beautiful invitation

The dreams God dreams for your life are so much more beautiful than your greatest longings. Yet, God’s first and foremost desire is to make you into a person of worth because then and only then can you truly live in the fullness of His beautiful plans for your life. As humans, we have the urge to live meaningless lives and even feast upon the shallowness of fleeting pursuits. We are content with a counterfeit version of reality and are incapable of seeing the brilliant beauty of a heavenly existence but God’s plan for us is to fall in love with Him and to live a daily existence close to His heart. When I look back over the past 10 years of my life and meditate on everything God has done- my heart melts within me. To be honest with you, I never knew the purpose of our existence can be so marvelous and that God doesn’t just dream grand plans for our lives- He is actively weaving even the smallest details of our lives in order to fit into the greatness of His destiny for us. I love to take walks and to enjoy the beauty of nature and I can vividly recall a surreal experience I’ve had one summer evening when I went for a walk as usual. That evening, my heart was deeply stirred by a God-given desire to live in the fullness of God’s plans for my life. I remember my attention was drawn to the beauty of fireflies. It was so breath-taking to see their luminescent bodies flash on and off in the distance. It was then that I couldn’t help but ask God to help me to discover the beauty of His dreams for my life. I somehow knew that if He could so beautifully create insects and orchestrate even the smallest aspects of nature- He would be more than capable of weaving my life in such a way that it would cause me to stand in awe of His greatness. And He did just that! He is still the God who writes the story of our lives if we choose to let Him. Sometimes He needs to take the pen out of our hand because the story we want to write for ourselves falls so short of what He alone can write. I recently heard someone say that, “God will only give us what we expect from Him; if we live with expectation to see Him move in powerful ways in our lives- He will, but if we have small expectations we will receive little because He is never wasteful.” Many years ago, God awakened inside my heart the desire to lay everything at His feet, even if my circumstances at that time were difficult and uncertain. I heard Him gently calling me to embrace the desires He had for my life and to surrender my future, my dreams, and my expectations. At times, I found myself questioning if I somehow wasn’t foolish to expect Him to care about such personal aspects of my life; maybe I was a bit too naïve to dream such big dreams all the while thinking that God would not just make my dreams a reality but that He was the very Author of those dreams. Today, I deeply rejoice when I look at my life and at all the things God has done since that moment of surrender followed by so many more moments just like it along the way. He didn’t just prove to be the God who is intimately acquainted with all my ways but also the One whose dreams for my life exceed my highest expectations! He is Holy and in His love and jealousy for us He refines us moment by moment. His hand is never idle. No, He never changes even when life’s ebbs and flows seem to never find their rest. He changes us in the midst of those circumstances and He delights in granting us the desires of our hearts even though He is our hearts highest desire. Will you surrender your dreams for your life and let God write the story of your life?

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